For generations to come, we proudly create high performing decorative surfaces.

Trespa International BV is a leading innovator in the field of architectural panel materials and is internationally recognised as the leading developer of high-quality panels and façade cladding, decorative façades and interior solutions. Due to our rich history, characterised by passion and hard work, we can now draw on extensive experience and are at the forefront of market innovation and the creative design process. And with a strong collaboration with our sister companies and our holding company, Broadview Holding, we can enable a unique insight into key market challenges, trends and demands and can deliver innovative aesthetically pleasing and high-performance solutions for a wide range of needs.


    Sustainability is not something you dream about but something you do. It’s about taking actions. That’s why we always work on creating a positive impact for the environment, our business, our company and our clients. Since our journey towards sustainability started in 2010, we put in place several improvements aimed at reducing onsite energy consumption and waste generation, and introduced our second life initiative.


    Safety is not just a priority, it’s a core value at Trespa. From day one, we provide our employees with the necessary training and equipment to ensure their safety. Our commitment to a safe, productive environment allows our team to excel in creating high-quality decorative surfaces we’re all proud to support.


    We, at Trespa,  believe in growing together. We strive to support our employees’ career development by facilitating the necessary training, and with our talent program. Our talent program is designed to identify and nurture those who have the potential and the passion to grow within the company. We offer a mentor program, additional training and unique opportunities for those who join us on the journey of growth.


We expect our employees to stick to the truth and not to make promises they already know they cannot keep. It is key to act professionally and in line with the Code of Conduct.


A promise means nothing until it is delivered, therefore we expect every member of the company to show discipline and finish what they start. We believe in the need to admit one's mistakes, without using excuses, and to learn from errors.



There is no good or bad news, just news. Therefore, we seek people who proactively provide insight into the progress on their responsibilities and do not knowingly create surprises.


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