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Manager Maintenance & Engineering
Manager Maintenance & Engineering Apr 22, 2024 0.00 mi
Operations NL Apr 22, 2024
Technician EIA
Technician EIA Apr 20, 2024 0.00 mi
Operations NL Apr 20, 2024


Our factory colleagues form the backbone of Trespa, ensuring seamless production and high-quality standards day in, day out. Planners, operators, and shift leaders work tirelessly to ensure that production runs professionally day in, day out, while technicians keep our machinery running smoothly. The Warehouse and Shipping team ensures careful handling of our products, shipping them worldwide.

In our Weert factory (The Netherlands), we prioritise lean practices and safety, fostering a hands-on approach and open communication with line managers. We value input and offer opportunities to develop.

As we face upcoming challenges, such as automating and robotizing processes, we remain committed to human-machine interaction. Embracing innovation, we're constructing modern production lines and continuously improving with the latest technologies and techniques.